Management Consultancy services are aimed at assisting the top management of an organization in deciding the strategic direction and ensuring their functional heads buy into the vision of the organization

CEO Room
A Strategy Plan Action is developed where our team collaborates with each functional team over a series of sessions to develop their functional strategy.
Market assessments and competition landscaping
We help businesses become more aware of their market, operating landscape, competition and own positioning by offering consulting services.
Business Planning
We develop comprehensive financial projections through detailed financial models covering a period of 3-5 years based on detailed assumptions and management discussions.
Annual operation plan
Our team assists in preparing detailed AOPs and budgets from a bottom-up perspective that spans across departments and covers complex modelling and validation exercises across levels.
Working Capital Optimization
We assess the opportunity of potential savings in working capital by optimizing structural and operational processes, directly impacting working capital.
Commercial due diligence
We prepare an analysis report of market & competition, supply chain and validation of future projections of the business and provide a reasonability assessment on the financial projections by the management.